Hard work. Dedication. Effort. Sweat and tears. ALL of these things go into a EverQuest II game update, and none of them go into making FUN of it.

That's right boys and girls, the patch update notes are back and so are they! RadarX and Coyote went over the notes with a fine tooth comb to find the most helpful and impressive fixes and improvements.

And then they made fun of them. Badly. Check out the newest patch note mockings MST3K style in "Game Update #45: ...and then there's Hancock.."

The time limit between repeatable faction quests in Sinking Sands has been removed.

RadarX: The time limit of 6 hours for finding a useful collection item in Sinking Sands however is still in place.

Coyote: At first I was really happy to finally find a "yellow sand"...but then I thought "Hey. Wait. If yellow SNOW is...OH MY GOD!" and ran to wash my hands.

RadarX: Have you seen the market for that stuff? I'm surprised people are so anxious to buy it.

Coyote: Giant spider pee is an aphrodisiac in some countries.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016