Game Update 46 is not your typical EverQuest II update. Continuing the much loved trend of adding quality content for absolutely no cost, the folks over at SOE have gone above and beyond for this one!

Game Update 46 not only brings one of the most interesting Live Events ever to be seen to our servers, but also includes a brand new tier 8 group instance built in the footprint of our beloved Runnyeye Citadel. SOE was kind enough to invite Ten Ton Hammer on a tour to check out the features of this update, and we bring what we have found directly to you!

Stepping inside, you really don't notice that anything has changed right away. Various mobs wonder the paths and a sneaky lil halfing hangs around the front door to chatter about various people. Behind the locked doors though, there is a definite change and amongst the pots of halfling stew you will not only find the expected named mobs and heroic encounters, but also several quest NPCs that are ready with a tale and a task.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016