finally makes an MMORPG...

After being so careful to label Guild Wars a "CORPG" (competitive online role-playing game, touted by in multiple interviews as a new genre), it looks as if Guild Wars 2 will be something a little more familiar to MMO players.

The rumors are true. In the May 2007 issue of PCGamer, the cover story indicates that the sequel will have the free-to-play business model, an emphasis on solo / casual play, automated companions, and pervasive PvP play that were the hallmark of Guild Wars. GW2 will, however, boast more persistent (non-instanced) areas, event chains (area based quests a lot like the "public quests" being hashed out for Warhammer Online), a less constrained PvP system, and a built-from-scratch graphics engine.

To learn (and see!) more, you'll have to pick up May's PCGamer magazine at a local newsstand, as info on the new game seems to be slow to come online.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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