Perhaps not technically a reveal from the show floor, but Rubi Bayer has revealed she's currently working on a Points of Interest that covers Legendary weapons. We all want to see the new ones and I know I've got all my gold saved up ready. 

Next on the list, Dulfy has a very brief list of what was covered by ArenaNet at their panel. Not much information, but one exciting thing:

Watch live at:

Mostly a recap, might get some mastery info with more on Saturday stream.

Mastery and Adventure system will be playable in the beta weekend.

There is a private demo which goes into depth into the mastery system. Will be shown publicly on the Saturday stream.

"No release date yet, but we are committing to this year"

Nothing new so far, just the previous Heart of Thorn trailer, Guild Hall trailer and talking about stuff we already known

A release later this year would be more than welcome.

There's a short Gamescom report from Black Lion Herald over on facebook that talks about ArenaNet's prescence at the show

What's new in this build? Well, first of all Shiro elite specialization and all elite specs revealed so far are now playable. What's more, you can create a ‪#‎Revenant‬ of any race you want and he starts with two swords by default. Weapon swapping is implemented. I had a blast with my charr Revenant while dual-wielding swords and a hammer. We played a bit of the instanced story content, but didn't see anything new, so that's about it when it comes to the build itself. If you've pre-purchased HoT, you'll see all that during the upcoming beta weekend event.

There's a 50 minute video of YouTube with Crystin Cox and Liz Kerstein discussing Guild Wars 2, the show and the expansion. If you've a long lunch break, it might be worth a watch (I stuck it out for 10 minutes and couldn't face any more). 

The official Guild Wars 2 Twitter has announced there will be a reveal on Saturday and it's been confirmed by Colin to be PvP related. Here's also a picture of the swag on offer.

Finally, with the World Tournament Series final around the corner, there's two new videos for the finalists. Meet Rom of Orange Logo and Meet NocturneZ of GLHF.

I'll keep you posted of any other news. 

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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