We've been waiting for the chronomancer traits since the specialization was revealed but as of yesterday night, the wait is over. Jon Peters kindly released them all on the official forums and unsurprisingly, they make for interesting reading. As we might expect, they're pretty powerful but there's also some interesting sacrifices to be made depending on how you want to play. 


Time Splitter – Gain access to continuum split/shift which allows you to revert to an earlier point in time.
Flow of Time – Gain alacrity when you shatter. (1s)
Time Marches On – You move 25% faster. The duration of incoming movement-impairing conditions is reduced by 25%. (Cripple. Chilled, Immobilize)


Time Catches Up – Activating a shatter gives your illusions Super Speed
Delayed Reactions – Interrupting a foe slows them. (3s of Slow)
All’s Well that Ends Well – Wells remove conditions from allies when they end. (1 condition)


Illusionary Reversion – Gain a clone after you activate a shatter skill.
Improved Alacrity – Alacrity applied to you lasts longer. (33%)
Danger Time – Gain additional critical hit chance against slowed enemies. (30%)


Lost Time – Every 3rd critical hit will slow your target. (2s of Slow)
Chronophantasma – Your phantasms respawn the first time they are shattered.
Seize The Moment – Gain quickness for each illusion you shatter. (1s of Quickness)

I think it's pretty clear at this point that the trade-off for being specialized is the fact that you'll only gain access to two additional trait lines - you have to take your specialization one. By doing this and certainly for some professions, it's going to be a real trade off when it comes to builds. Clearly a chronomancer can only be a chronomancer by taking the trait line and as players are now restricted to 3, there's going to be a big shift in what is and isn't possible. For some professions it's likely to have little impact but others will really need to think about how they want to play, especially considering some current builds use 4 trait lines. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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