The scrapper Points of Interest that goes live in a couple of hours is, according to Guild Wars 2's Twitter, going to be the last Points of Interest. Whether or not that's permanent or simply because they've covered all they want to with the format, it looks like the show in its current form is ending. Either that or it's just taking a break. Rubi Bayer who hosts Points of Interest also confirmed that the druid will be revealed in all its glory next week at TwitchCon. 

I'm not entirely sure at this point how I feel about Points of Interest ending (if it is in fact ending) because the show is good, but not exceptional. It provides lots of brilliant information, but I think chemistry is often lacking between guest and host. I recently watched the Gigantic Clash Course show and it's incredible due to the excitement and chatty nature of MO_Thor. Being comfortable in front of the camera isn't easy and having tried it before, I found the experience absolutely awful. I really hope Rubi finds herself on a new Guild Wars 2 show. 

As for the druid, can we start the hype train now? Oh and before I forget, there's a brief Vine video of the scrapper here. Choo, Choo! 

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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