ArenaNet have just released a new blog post providing the first details of Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns' Legendary precursor quest. Like many Guild Wars 2 players, I've waited eagerly for news on the precursor quest. For anyone who doesn't know, precursors are the base item to the main Legendary weapon. The precursors are only available in a few ways:

1. Using the Mystic Forge in the hopes you are randomly gifted one

2. Finding one as a random drop

3. Purchasing one for large amounts of gold from the Trading Post

Needless to say the RNG or eye watering gold values on precursors has never sat well with players. ArenaNet intend to change that with Heart Of Thorns by implementing a Legendary quest similar to the hunt needed in order to complete Maudrey. 

The blog post is pretty lengthy, but in general it states that crafting a Legendary precursor will be a Mastery track and you will directly choose which precursor you want to work towards. Once activated you can only craft one of each precursor and there will be a direct theme to constructing the weapon: in the blog post example ArenaNet reference the Moot.

"A moot is a norn celebration of prowess, so that’s the basis of our themes for the legendary mace named for it. The first collection is all about the hunt, so you’ll be proving your abilities by fighting fierce creatures around Tyria and acquiring a trophy to show for it. By completing this collection, you’ll unlock a recipe to craft the first iteration of your precursor—a nontradable exotic weapon with a distressed version of the existing precursor skin."

Once players have constructed this first phase of the precursor, they'll go onto the second and eventually third. The second phase involves research, talking to NPC's and honing your craft (I'm assuming that's your trade skills). Where the final phase is concerned, players will be returning to their precursors respective theme. Where the Moot is concerned, players will participate in a variety of additonal Norn celebratory activities.

"Since the Moot’s theme is all about partying, you’ll participate in a range of activities that include dancing with world leaders, setting off fireworks for the Spirits of the Wild, and sampling delicacies and libations from around Tyria."

Probably the best piece of news to come out of the blog post is the fact that the new Legendary weapons aren't tradeable and they cannot be sold. It looks like ArenaNet want them to be much more desirable than the current set. Interestingly, the blog post also hints at the fact that not all of them are ready:

"...the first handful of which will be introduced inHeart of Thorns, with more to come in subsequent updates."

We'll keep you posted on any further details about this new system as we hear it.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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