Although there's no specialization reveal this week (boo!) there's still a fair bit of Guild Wars 2 news to cover. First up is a new blog post from ArenaNet discussing the rebuilding of Lion's Arch. Considering the capital city has been in ruins for months, it looks like workmen have finally begun to restore this treasured place.

The plan of the city leaders is not to attempt to fully restore the landmark as it once was, but rather to implement an enhanced design that will more realistically serve the Tyria of today. In light of the lessons learned from the attack by Scarlet Briar and her massive airship drill, the Breachmaker, the city will be a more fortified city, with a design intended to protect citizen and visitor alike.

And yet, the city will retain its distinctive beauty. There will be new gathering places, focused service areas, refreshed locations, and commemorative area names and place names that are sure to delight. Lion’s Arch will remain a glorious meeting place for Tyrians of every race, profession, and background.

With construction work beginning, ArenaNet have also invited players to name specific locations in the new Lion's Arch. By voting you'll have your say. Looking at the options, I think it's fairly obvious what most people will vote because aliteration always seems to do well for names. Having said that, the Guild Wars 2 community can often surprise. 

To cooincide with the rebuilding of Lion's Arch, there's a new patch. There's nothing hugely significant here but the best change has to be adjustments to the PvP dailies as well as a few new mail carriers. Rune Of Vampirism has also seen a nerf because it was outrageously strong. 

There's been a few new bugs introduced in this patch and while some of them were squashed instantly (mesmers unable to join PvP) there's handful of bugs for EU WvW players.

1. Players are all friendly to each other

2. You can't capture sentries

3. Wall textures are broken

4. You can whisper enemies

5. Enemy guards are friendly

As of yet there's no news on a fix but ArenaNet have confirmed it's on the way. 

Other than the above, the biggest news is from Guild Wars 2 data miner that_shaman. She managed to scrape a whole host of new goodies, the biggest of which is the prepurchase of Heart Of Thorns that will grant full access to every Beta. Here's a list below of what's up and coming. Be sure to follow that_shaman on Twitter as she puts in a lot of time and effort to bring us these goodies.

Item Description
  Heart of Thorns
992375_0159 Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is now available for prepurchase. Buy now to receive the Maguuma Trailblazer exclusive title and access to all beta weekend events.
[&DBYAAAA=] Mad Scientist Outfit
[&C24XAAA=] Canach's Backpack
[&C3MXAAA=] Daydreamer's Wings Backpack
  Weapon skins
[&C2QXAAA=] Chain-Whip Sword
  Mini pets
983709_0443 Miniature Beetle Available
[&AgE6EAEA] Miniature Beetle
  BLC Skins
992366_0332 Daydreamer's Weapons
986430_0330 Daydreamer's Staff
986430_0335 Daydreamer's Hammer
986430_0340 Daydreamer's Torch
986430_0345 Daydreamer's Scepter
986430_0384 Daydreamer's Greatsword
986430_0385 Daydreamer's Rifle
986430_0386 Daydreamer's Mace
986430_0387 Daydreamer's Pistol
986430_0389 Daydreamer's Short Bow
986430_0395 Daydreamer's Sword
986430_0409 Daydreamer's Dagger
986430_0410 Daydreamer's Focus
986430_0411 Daydreamer's Shield
986430_0417 Daydreamer's Longbow
986430_0433 Daydreamer's Warhorn
986430_0442 Daydreamer's Axe
963302_0776 Gold Shard
963418_0747 Chalk Egg
992373_0968 Jar of Itzel Poison
[&AgGaEAEAAA==] Permanent Honor Guard Finisher
109842_0405 Limited-Use First Place Trophy Finisher
109842_0407 Limited-Use Second Place Trophy Finisher
109873_0717 Limited-Use Third Place Trophy Finisher
109873_0716 Crush your opponents with this huge trophy finishing move in PvP and WvW.

As a last piece of news and a video I found really funny, take a look at the below. Guild Wars 2's PvP at its finest.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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