As the Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack announcements continue, ArenaNet have revealed their new PvP reward tracks, gear unification and more.

In one of the lengthier block posts covering the feature pack, ArenaNet have gone into detail as to how PvP items will no longer be in the game with your "look" now determined entirely by your appearance in PvE or World versus World. Your PvE stats will have no effect in PvP but will simply determine your look. Alongside this players will also be able to track their PvP progress for unique rewards:

A Reward Track is a set of rewards that you earn by playing PvP. Each track has rewards at certain intervals: some that you can earn in a just couple of matches, bigger rewards that you can earn in a play session, and a really sweet end prize that you can earn in a few play sessions. Examples of rewards you can look forward to include various levels of loot boxes, crafting materials, Transmutation Charges, weapons, armor, skill points and more. At regular intervals, you will earn Tomes of Knowledge that will allow you to level up and earn skill points for any of your characters.

The blog post goes on to cover Legendaries in PvP (which can now be used) and made through just playing PvP while there's a new PvP build UI and achievement notifications. All in all, there's some big changes here.

Head on over to the blog post to read more here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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