Today, NCsoft reveals the seventh profession for Guild Wars 2, and the Engineer has more in common with ArenaNet's recent April Fool's Day joke than any of us would have guessed. Read on for full details on this highly adaptable, unique profession.


“I’d explain it all to you, but a demonstration would be more useful.”

A master of mechanical mayhem, the engineer tinkers with explosives, gadgets, alchemy, and all manner of deployable devices. They can take control of an area by placing turrets, support their allies with a gun that shoots elixirs, or lay waste to foes with a wide array of mines, bombs, and grenades.

Like elementalists, engineers use a single weapon set at a time, but they complement this weapon set by equipping special utility and healing kits. These kits provide the engineer with special weapons and backpacks loaded with a full set of skills that replace their current weapon skills.

Engineer Skills


The five engineer skills shown in the above video are as follows (in order):

  • Rifle Turret
  • Glue Shot
  • Jump Shot
  • Grenade Satchel
  • Absorb

Backpack Kits

When activated, these special utility kits equip a backpack on the engineer's back which replaces the engineer’s current weapon skills with skills from the backpack kit. For example, a bomb kit will put a bomb backpack on the engineer, allowing them to deploy a variety of bombs including smoke, concussion, and fire.

Weapon Kits

These are utility skills that equip a new weapon in the engineer's hands when activated. For example, the flamethrower kit creates a flamethrower weapon which the engineer can use as a short range AOE weapon. The flamethrower has skills like Immolate to damage nearby enemies, Air Blast to defend from ranged attacks, and Backdraft to suck enemies into the range of the flamethrower's powerful attacks.


An engineer can deploy turrets – a variety of immobile allied devices that will help defend and control area. When a turret is deployed, the slot for that turret toggles into an overcharge skill. The Thumper Turret, for example, is a turret that does AOE damage, but can be overcharged to do a big thump attack that knocks down nearby enemies. An engineer can interact with deployed turrets, packing them up and moving them around. This removes the turret, toggles the skill slot back to deploy, and puts that turret into a short recharge. Only one of each type of turret can exist at a time.


Engineers are well versed in the science of alchemy. They bottle up powers in the form of elixirs for use on the battlefield. Due to the unpredictable nature of alchemy, elixirs all have some random component to them. For example, Elixir X is an unstable formula that when consumed gives the engineer a random Elite power from another profession.

Tool Belt

An engineer Tool Belt is a set of special skills above the weapon skill bar. It enhances the effectiveness and functionality of the engineer’s utility and heal skills. When equipping a turret, the tool belt adds a self-destruct skill for the turret. With the mine kit, the tool belt adds an option that detonates all mines. When paired with the grenade kit, the tool belt allows a grenade barrage, and when paired with the med kit it adds a self-healing skill.


Two-handed: Rifle
Main hand: Pistol
Off-hand: Pistol, Shield

Backpack Kits - Tool Kit, Grenade Kit, Bomb Kit, Mine Kit, Med Kit

Bomb Kit
Med Kit
Mine Pack

Weapon Kits - Flamethrower, Elixir Gun


Turrets - Rifle Turret, Thumper Turret, Net Turret, Flame Turret, Healing Turret

Healing Turret
Rifle Turret

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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