This morning, ArenaNet released a teaser video for Season 2's Episode 2 – Entanglement, which will go live on Tuesday, July 15. Season 2 started on July 1 with Episode 1, The Gates of Maguuma. With its launch, we declared Guild Wars 2 Week here at Ten Ton Hammer, featuring tons of coverage, first impressions, a contest and anything else Guild Wars 2-related that we could get our hands on in honor of the week.

Looks like our heroes run the risk of being hung up by evil demon weeds. If magic, swords, bravery and gusto don't work, they might want to try white vinegar. White vinegar seems to be able to do anything, so it can probably take care of weeds, too. These demon weeds will be available through a newly revealed area in Dry Top, where you can go join the Living World story's heroes and hope you don't get flailed about and strung up!

Not sure what Season 2 is all about? Our sister site, Guild Wars 2 Hub has you covered. They've been working hard on putting out new content relevant to Season 2 to make sure everyone's on the right track. Between achievement guides, how-tos, critical analysis of new armor and so much more. It shouldn't be surprising that a Guild Wars 2-focused site would have all of this, but since it's part of the Ten Ton Hammer Network, you know that it's quality without any goat sacrifices.

Whether you're rejoining Guild Wars 2 to check out Season 2 or have been romping around in Tyria since day one, you'll want to see what's in the Gates of Maguuma patch notes. Get caught up on what's been going on and what has changed with this patch. It's always good to see what's happening with the class you play before you get into game and need to figure things out, especially if there have been large adjustments.

Guild Wars 2 Hub also has not one, but two achievement guides so far for Season 2. First, you'll want to check out the Complete Dry Top Achievement Guide for working your way through Season 2. If you're the type to consume content as soon as it's available, then you'll be interested in the Gates of Maguuma Elite Achievement Guide. These achievements unlock after you've completed the story the first time through, so even if you do burn through content quickly, you'll have more to work on.

Have you been playing Guild Wars 2 for the Living World seasons? What did you think about Season 1? Are you excited to watch Season 2 unfold? Also, in case you want a better look, here's the lovely picture for the Entanglement promo ArenaNet sent us:

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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