Update: I've received word this evening from ArenaNet that the Living World team members who lost the match will be on our next Ready Up livestream (4/24 at 12pm PT).  There, they will pony up on their bets – they’ll be wearing T-shirts with pictures of the winning team and a shameful slogan.  Although ArenaNet haven't finalized what that slogan will be, I'm sure it'll be something plenty soul crushing.

Yesterday evening during the Public Beta of Guild Wars 2's Stronghold, the ArenaNet developers squared off against each other. What followed was a brilliant showcase for the new PvP game mode. With the Living World team versus the Competitive Team, I'd have always placed money on the Competative Team. Having said that, there really was some brilliant play here and some amazing tactics on show. As always Joshua Davis and Hugh Norfolk do an amazing job of commentating but from the looks of it, Stronghold is difficult for shout-casters to cover everything that's happening on the map because it's just so big. Take a look at the video below, it's well worth it. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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