A day ago the first full footage of the Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Stronghold game mode. For anyone unaware, it's a new PvP Mode that is technically a replacement for Guild versus Guild. It sees two sides go head to head to battle each other while gathering supplied before attempting to kill the opposing players Guild Lord. There's no doubt on paper it sounds pretty awesome and if it has even a small slither of Guild Wars 1's GvG charm, ArenaNet are on for a winner.

As for the video itself, well, it's abit like all of ArenaNet's current marketing for Heart Of Thorns: thin. Besides looking lovely and showing what seems like every other PvP video ever released, there's a few minor things we've learnt. Skritt will play a part (no doubt funneling resources), there's siege equipment and it looks like the Guardian gets a new skill that put two lantern-type things next to their head. I'm hopeful that in the coming weeks we'll actually get to see a lot more of Stronghold and if all goes well, we'll have some hands on time with the game to give you our first impressions. 

Are you looking forward to Guild Wars 2's new PvP mode? Do you think it will surpass Guild Wars 1's GvG? Let us know! 

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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