Today ArenaNet has revealed new information about the upcoming Warrior profession. The profession is summed up expertly with this quote:

The warrior is a master of weapons who relies on speed, strength, toughness, and heavy armor to survive in battle. A warrior can shrug off blow after blow to stay in the fight, all the while building up adrenaline to fuel his offense.

It seems like Warriors are pretty much the same profession as they are in Guild Wars: a tough to kill damage dealing machine. The big difference this time around though is that adrenaline actually increases your damage while you build it and certain skills are designed to deal burst damage when you empty all of your adrenaline.

Adrenaline makes the warrior more powerful, increasing his damage output with every attack while powering up his Burst Skill. Each weapon set has a single designated burst skill which a warrior can trigger by spending all his built-up adrenaline to unleash a powerful attack. The warrior can use his burst skill at any time, but the more adrenaline stages he has filled, the more devastating his attack will be. Some burst skills apply more and varying conditions while others simply do more damage.

Warriors will be able to wield a large number of weapons, mostly melee with two ranged options. The melee weapons seem to focus on either constant damage, interruption, or spike damage while the ranged options are for pulling. Warriors will be able to use multiple weapons at once so you can wield two words, a sword and a war horn, a mace and a shield, or go exclusively for two-handed weapons.

Stances and shouts will be returning, but a new mechanic known as "chain" skills has emerged. You'll be able to chain skills together all off of the same button. So Sever Artery -> Gash -> Final Thrust wound be only one button with each ability appearing after the first one has been pressed. Banners are new which allows a Warrior to place a banner down on the ground to buff their allies (I presume much like wards currently do) while charge skills will let you "power up" a certain ability by winding it up for additional damage or effect.

Overall it looks like Warriors are going to be amazing. You can find all the details over at the Guild Wars 2 homepage.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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