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Community News - June 10, 2008
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[DRGN], along with BladeRadio and major alliances such as KISS, is hosting Pink Day in LA in support of breast cancer awareness. This event will take place on June 14 and will be held in the International Districts of Lion's Arch. For more information on this event, please visit their website.

Photics.com has released episode #48 of Lost In Ascalon, which you can check out by following the link below.

[DVDF] is currently accepting entries for their "Guild Wars 'Dingbat' Contest", which ends on June 25. The contest, primarily focused on creative, lighthearted fun, lets contestants cut loose with clever interpretations of Guild Wars items, skills, weapons, or anything in the game, through the use of images. For more information, please see the threads on Guild Wars Guru and Guild Wars Online.

Fansite Update: Congratulations to the Guild Wars Romanian Community and the Spanish GuildWiki – both have just been recognized as Listed Fansites and added to the Guild Wars Fansite roster!

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