Trick or... screw it. I'll just go buy some candy.

Guild Wars announced their plans for the spookiest of holidays today, and players will be in for a treat (or a trick).

In celebration of the Halloween Season, the Guild Wars team will be offering treats and may even have a few tricks up their sleeves for Guild Wars players. Between October 26 and 31, players can take part in a Costume Brawl dressed as famous Guild Wars characters, listen to the wandering Teller of Tales, collect peculiar and interesting Halloween-themed items, and enjoy two towns fully decorated to match the festive season. Every three hours on Halloween, gamers will enjoy a visit from the reigning monarch of the spooky season, Mad King Thorn, who will give each of his subjects a special memento of the season. For more information on all the Halloween events in Guild Wars, please visit, and on October 29, be sure to check out the 2007 winners of the Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest.

Find out more at the official Guild Wars site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016