The epic marriage between Gwen and Keiran has now started off with an epic series of missions and quests leading to finding the now lost Keiran and reuniting him with his lost love, Gwen, in Guild Wars. Right now the event involves finding Keiran which requires you talking to the Ebon Vanguard Scout outside of the Eye of the North, locating the Embedded Arrowhead in Watchtower Coast, and the Tarnished Emble in Majesty's Rest. Both of these will open up missions where you'll be able to play as Keiran Thackeray to try and uncover what he was up to and where he is at. To enable the missions take the Arrowhead and the Tarnished Emblem back to the Scrying Pool in the Eye of the North to do two quick missions that involve walking from point a to point b.

More is expected to come and the event is expected to end not only with a wedding, but the founding of Ebonhawke. Remember you'll need to have finished the War in Kryta quest line in order to participate in the Hearts of the North events.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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