This update is two parts. The first is actual changes and the second is what's in the works for Guild Wars.

Coming Soon to a GW Near You

The GvG revamp is still in the works, but we're a ways off from it hitting the live game due in part to ArenaNet's stringent testing standards. The changes will address issues with GvG and should help improve gameplay. Dervish balancing is also in the works, but may not hit at the same time as the GvG rework. The balance changes will be for both PvP and PvE. ArenaNet has more projects in the works, but these two seem to be their main focus.

Today's Update

Stall builds were nerfed today when new GvG changes went in. The Guild Lord can now only take a max of 30 damage when the Bodyguard is alive and many Guild Lords were moved to a safer position. This keeps teams from stalling the entire match and winning when it comes down to a draw (where the team with the healthiest Guild Lord wins). If this was your style of play then it may be time to rework your builds.

Defy Pain received a massive PvP nerf while still maintaining his PvE functionality. This mostly affects Fort Aspenwood and Jade Quarry players where Defy Pain builds were used the most to tank the turtles.

The White Mantle have been leveling up. Watch out for higher level NPCs roaming around Kryta.

That's today's changes! So to recap, be careful of if you use a stall build in GvG and be sure to check out the changes to Defy Pain if you're one of the people who tank turtles. The GW Update page has the full details of what has changed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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