Jump Right On In To PvP Fun!

The official site for Guild Wars has been updated to announce the availability of their new PvP Edition of Guild Wars. This edition will allow you to jump right into the competitive side of the game.

The Guild Wars PvP Editions give players instant access to all the PvP action that a campaign has to offer. Available through the online Official Guild Wars store, the PvP editions allow you to create PvP characters from that campaign, and give you access to the full skill list for each profession.

* Jump right into the competitive side of Guild Wars! No other Guild Wars purchase necessary. Everything you need for PvP play is included.

* Immediately unlock the power and fury of all skills from Guild Wars Prophecies or Guild Wars Factions. No adventuring through the game to unlock the skills!

* Create and play PvP-Only characters from the campaign you choose, with full access to all their skills—even elite skills! (Access to Roleplaying characters requires purchase of the Prophecies or Factions campaign.)

* Even if you already own Prophecies or Factions, you can add the PvP Edition to unlock that campaign's skills onto your account for PvP play.

Get clicking to learn more details. Stop by the Guild Wars Ten Ton Hammer Community site today to catch up on all the latest news and information.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016