Skill Synergy: Part Two

The official site for Guild Wars continues their additions to the PVP Primer...

Builds form an integral component of Guild Wars, and selecting skills is just as important as how you use those skills. Many skills act in synergy with each other and offer tons of options for combinations. We'll examine some of those opportunities in this article, and start explaining how skills work with each other and how certain types of skills can "cover" other ones.

As with the previous primer synergy article, we move away from Training, Zaishen, and Random Arenas. However, the builds listed below work fine in Random Arenas. In fact, we suggest that you try them out in Random Arenas or a similar arena for practice. Each of these builds has a good chance of proving useful in any PvP conflict, from Hero Battles to GvG to Alliance Battles.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016