Wintersday Concludes, And the Winner is...

The official site for Guild Wars has posted the 29th issue of The Scribe.

The Wintersday challenge has concluded. And yet, as many have noticed, warm weather has not returned. Though the lands in Tyria and Elona haven't yet thawed, those loyal to Dwayna assure me that soon only the mighty Shiverpeak Mountains will be covered in Grenth's white blanket.

The Avatar of Grenth has expressed his satisfaction with the performance of Grenth's supporters during the divine challenge, assuring those loyal to Grenth that they have successfully forestalled the thaw for as long as can be expected. He did, however, grumble that his deity is slightly annoyed at the inevitable return of the warm weather; it seems no amount of support can prevent spring's thaw completely.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016