GuildCafe recently announced that it will be sponsoring the 2008 Rawr Cup for Guild Wars.

GuildCafe.com announced that the next competition within the Guild Wars 2008 Rawr Cup series will be held on April 5, 2008, featuring a new tournament committee led by top players and featuring new prize sponsors including the KillerNIC from Bigfoot Networks.

“The first installment of the 2008 Rawr Cup exceeded all of our expectations,” explained Jackie Vu, captain of the GuildCafe Tournament Committee. “This time we wanted to build on the event by bringing more of the Guild Wars community into the competition’s leadership.”

The April 5 competition has grown beyond its roots to become a 100% community-run event. The next installment is organized by the GuildCafe Tournament Committee, which includes top Guild Wars players including Melissa of [LaZy], Billiard, Ekelon, Joey Knight and Awowa Classic. Like the first installment, the April 5 competition will feature three divisions: Phoenix, Dragon and Tiger—intended to make the event accessible to all Guild Wars players.

“One of the things we’re most excited about is that GuildCafe events are becoming the place where players compete for the most advanced gaming hardware,” said Jon Radoff, CEO of GuildCafe.com. Winners of the Phoenix division, intended to attract top-ladder teams, will receive a Killer NIC Gaming Network Card from Bigfoot Networks. The Killer NIC is designed to reduce lag and latency in high action MMO and First Person Shooter games for a smoother, more responsive experience and a competitive edge.

Because registration to the event is limited, teams and players are encouraged to sign up for the event early. Registration is completely free, and usually takes less than a minute. Visit: http://www.guildcafe.com/tournament.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016