Get your Gurubashi on!

Real gold, silver, and copper coins, Killer (TM) network interface cards, and t-shirts are the prizes for World of Warcraft's newest destruction-driven screenshot contest, sponsored by Bigfoot Networks:

Are you the best? If so you'll be paid in GOLD, real solid 24k gold collector’s coins from Bigfoot Networks, engraved with the World of Warcraft logo by the finest Dwarven craftsmen. Runners-up will receive silver or copper versions of the coins, or at the very least a KILLER T-shirt, so your friends will know that you’re the one who visited so much devastation and chaos upon the world. Remember: Winning is Speed, Winning is Performance, Winning is Killer.

Enter the Gurubashi Challenge screenshot contest by visiting this link, or see the official press release here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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