Just RPG has an interview with Arena Net's Jeff Strain. With Factions just released, see what he has to say on why Guild Wars stands out from the other MMOs.

3. Jason: The market is filled with MMORPGs nowadays, from big budget games like World of Warcraft, EverQuest, and Final Fantasy XI, to some lower budget yet very high-quality independent games. What about Guild Wars separates it from the rest? Why should gamers choose it over other MMORPGs?

Jeff: First of all, all of those other games (and there are some very good games in that genre) are all just polished incarnations of a traditional MMO that was laid down ten years ago with Ultima Online. It’s a game mechanic that requires you to grind away, in many cases, trying to level up. The whole goal in many of those games is to just get higher and higher leveled so that you can eventually, after a thousand hours, get to see the cool stuff. You don’t take on those games lightly. If you’re going to play a traditional MMO, not only do you have to be willing to commit to it financially in terms of an ongoing subscription, but also in terms of your life. You don’t play casually – you’re either completely immersed in it or you quit. It’s kind of like people kicking a drug addiction.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016