ArenaNet continues to deliver on its promise of fresh monthly content for Guild Wars 2 (GW2) this week with the second installment of its Flame & Frost storyline update series, The Gathering Storm. The update continues the storyline that began in Prelude as the plight worsens for the citizens of the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau.

In addition to new story, Flame & Frost: The Gathering Storm adds the new Spirit Watch sPvP map, new guild missions, two-team rated PvP, selectable daily achievements, and more.

ArenaNet has also announced the end of paid sPvP tournaments, which have been replaced by free tournaments. With a ratings and matchmaking system in place, ArenaNet has replaced the previously paid tournaments with a 1-round and 3-round free tournament option for players. Read more about it here.

While you're patching the update, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to Guild Missions so that you're ready to tackle the new content.

Source: Flame & Frost: The Gathering Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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