ArenaNet’s Martin Kerstein has posted an update for the fourth and final act of Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event. The last phase will deploy via update tomorrow morning at 9:00am PT and remain available until the next update on November 1st. When the fourth act goes live, players will no longer have access to the Ascend to Madness dungeon that went live with Act 3, so get what you want while you can. Kerstein also encouraged players to attend the party for Act 4 in Lion’s Arch once the update goes live.

We want to give you a heads up about Phase 4 of the Halloween event. Phase 4 will start at 9:00 AM PDT/16:00 GMT on October 31, and will run until we publish a new build on November 1 (which will be sometime after Noon PDT/19:00 GMT).

Once Phase 4 starts, the Ascent to Madness dungeon will no longer be available – but you will still be able to enter the Mad King’s realm, including the Labyrinth, the Clocktower, Reaper’s Rumble and Lunatic Inquisition.

Also make sure that you will “Attend the Party” in Lion’s Arch once Phase 4 starts, and do not worry: It is a non-stop party, so swing by any time you want!

Happy Halloween.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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