French Guild Wars 2 fans head on over to the Paris Games Week (not to be confused with Fashion Week, although I'm sure many of the outfits in the game would look fabulous there) to try out GW2 during the six week show. Stephane Lo Presti is on the floor meeting players and bloging about it while they have book signins, parties, and even Rytlock Brimstone.

For those of you overseas, this seems like a pretty fun thing to see.

Hello everyone, this is Stéphane Lo Presti, ArenaNet’s French Community Manager sending you a quick note from the floor of an incredibly busy Paris Games Week! This expo is our first chance to showcase Guild Wars 2 to our French community, and the response to the demo has been fantastic.

I’m here with my compatriot Martin Kerstein and a team of ArenaNet staffers, manning the booth and meeting fans throughout the six day show, which started October 27th and ends November 1st.

The booth has been packed since day one. We have 20 stations set up so that French players can try out the Guild Wars 2 demo, as well as stage demos, a Q&A session with ArenaNet developers, and the Art of Guild Wars 2 book signings. We’re also throwing a community party tonight (Thursday), and from Friday through Sunday Rytlock Brimstone himself will make an appearance! If you’re a gamer and you live in the City of Light, make your way down to PGW and say hello!

OK, now I must get back to the booth and meet some more gamers. Adieu from Paris Games Week!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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