"You're a Wizard, Harry!" said Hagrid before informing him that he wasn't a good enough one to have his own MMOG.

According to a tip received over at

Massively the Harry Potter MMOG in development by Bio-Hazard Entertainment has been put on hold indefinitely. What I find most surprising is the fact it was unauthorised and has gotten this far before being squashed. A segment of the official statement from Bio-Hazard Entertainment states:

It hurts us all:( our hearts are broken and torn. Bio-Hazard Entertainment and all its team love every single one of you loyal wizards and thank you for everything you have done. Sometimes people just like to ruin things for others. As loyal HP fans we all stand strong and united! Please remember here at BHE we love you all and you are the greatest fans we could have asked for! BHE site coming soon so you can join us in all our productions!


The team is discussing using what they have made and making their own MMO based off of what you guys have suggested, except not HP related. But lets all unite together and show WB that this is needed! WIZARDS UNITE!

Will the Wizarding world really be upset? I doubt it. I'd bet my left hand it would have been awful. Still, it's never nice to see a project fail.


Turns out there's more to this story, with a side project name The World of Magic. You can find the forum on the link and much community discussion.

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