Flagship Studios To Unveil Localized Japanese Version of Highly Anticipated RPG At Tokyo Game Show This Week

This press release was issued today by the makers of Hellgate: London. Keep reading to learn about their new localized server as well as the new spell system and more!

At Tokyo Games Show 2006, NAMCO BANDAI will unveil the Japanese localized version of HELLGATE: LONDON. Players can now battle the demonic invasion inside new environments including the British Museum and Subterranean Vaulted Chambers, using arcane weaponry and fantastic devices including the Beetlebore, Electric Eel Launcher and dozens of new Templar swords and shields. Players can use new character skills like the Templar Shield Bash to both damage and stun their enemies or the Cabalist Transformation that allows them to metamorph into a Zombie and raise an army of undead to serve in the battle for man’s survival.

Read the full press release to learn more. Planning to play Hellgate: London? Let us know what attracts you to it in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016