The official Ana Spotlight is now live and having played her on the Public Test Realm all day yesterday, there's no doubting she's exceptional. We'll have her guide ready shortly.

Besides the Spotlight, Blizzard have also delivered a double-dose of patch notes. The PTR update is officially live and it brings buffs for Nova, tweaks to Kharazim and his level 1 Talent choices (I suspect this is a nerf to the potency of his damage path), while Rehgar saw some significant tweaks to Ancestral Healing, and Johanna received a rework. Where the Balance Patch Notes are concerned, Kel'Thuzad received some nerfs, Brightwing received some love, and Chromie saw her Quest Talent for Sandblast improved, so it's not as demanding. 

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Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017

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