There's a lot of changes in the first update of the new month, and many were a surprise. For anyone who doesn't have the time to chew through the patch notes, here's the TL:DR and full patch notes below. 

Azmodan: A weaker Trait leading to less pushing power, combined with a fairly heavy nerf to the damage potential of his Sieging Wrath.

Garrosh: A tiny, insignificant nerf to his level 16 stun Talent.

Junkrat: A much needed HP buff and a nerf to his Taste for Explosions Talent.

Kharazim: A buff to all his trait, with each type gaining movement speed. Unfortunately this pushes Iron Fists to the bottom of the pack.

Leoric: Entomb cooldown reduced (reverted).

Muradin: A mixed bag for several talents, with Heavy Impact no longer stunning.

Raynor: A buff to Adrenaline Rush and some Talents.

Stukov: A buff to his HP (which was previously nerfed).

Tychus: Around an 8% damage buff.

Valla: A fairly heavy nerf to her kit, particularly Hungering Arrow.

Zagara: A significant nerf to Nydus Network sees her split push potential seriously harmed.

Zul'jin: A slight buff to his basic attack and a nerf to his spell damage.

Full patch notes.

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Last Updated: Nov 02, 2017

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