Earlier this week I'd been playing a fair amount of Heroes of the Storm and ended up dreaming about Auriel and why her trait wasn't showing up on allied Heroes. I decided to ask the question to the Heroes of the Storm sub-Reddit, so that I could get an answer.

I only recently noticed that when Auriel uses her Trait, unless it's on you, you won't see it. Why is this? It seems odd that a Trait directly linked to her ability to heal, isn't visual for her entire team.

I recently played a match where our Auriel was rarely gaining energy and I thought she wasn't actually using her Trait. It turns out she was, but on a poor DPS Hero and none of us knew which.

Can this be changed so when she uses her Trait, all her team can see it?

Fortunately for me, Blizzard took the time out to respond and provide an answer. Hopefully we'll see it changed soon!

The crown, while cool, has the tendency to overshadow parts of other models (mainly the head, which is an important body part to show!). It also alters the silhouette of most heroes mid-game, which is a very sensitive thing to maintain.

These weren't reasons to not do a crown, but rather reasons to selectively suppress vision of it. We had conversations with artists about who should see the crown, and in the interest of the above reasons (plus reducing teamfight spam, a constant battle) I advocated for the fewest possible players to see the crown.

I've seen this feedback pop up before, so I'm ready to admit that we are maybe being too conservative with it. With stuff like this there's really no right or wrong answer here. It's all about what most players want. We will rekindle this conversation internally.

Thanks for the feedback, as always.

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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2016

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