Its been a busy weekend for Heroes of the Storm, with several major announcements.

The first is that Ana is set to arrive into the Nexus, followed swiftly by Junkrat. Not only that, but there was a fairly lengthy teaser video of the new Battleground, Volskya, the showed off a new Varian and D.Va skin.

Not long after the reveal, the Volskya Foundry spotlight hit, there was also an In Development video, highlighting a variety of new skins.

Where Ana is concerned, her abilities were leaked by a Spanish site, while the Overwatch community lost its mind over the D.Va skin. Although we don’t know what Junkrat does, it looks like he has some form of global Heroic (check the video above).

If you like the look of Ana, her official wallpaper is here, while you should be able to play her on the Public Test Realm later today. Finally, Ana's Spotlight is now live.

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Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017

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