The Nexomania update is now live across America, with Europe soon to follow. The patch brings an exclusive event, tied heavily to Lunara and Sonya (Lunara also gets her rework this patch!). 

La Parca Lunara and La Pantera Sonya are looking to recruit new tag-team partners for Nexomania, a contest where Heroes battle it out to become the Champions of the Nexus! Choose your partner, train up, and conquer the competition to claim the spoils of victory before Monday, June 11. Each of the four-part quest chains below grant different rewards based on who you side with, and the quests must be completed in order. Choose your partner wisely, because once you’ve picked Lunara or Sonya, your decision cannot be undone!

The event should be a lot of fun, and although it only lasts a few weeks, should be plenty of time for players to complete all the quests. Full notes here.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2018

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