Free-to-play Heva Clonia Online is headed to open beta next week and OGPlanet is opening the doors to everyone. Starting on Thursday, October 17th, 2013, players with an OGPlanet account will be able to log in and play Heva Clonia when open beta kicks off that same day.

Heva Clonia is a 3D online game with an anime art style, allowing players to team up for dungeons, explore several episodes, and clone monsters as pets to aid in adventures or engage in PvP. If that sounds like fun, head over to the Heva Clonia website to sign up.

Heva Clonia Online Begins Open Beta Testing on October 17, 2013

Not your average point-and-click adventure - action-packed, fantasy MMORPG with Monster Collecting

Torrance, CA - October 8, 2013 - OGPlanet has announced today that their new free-to-play MMORPG Heva Clonia Online (HCO) will be starting its Open Beta Test on October 17th, 2013. Anyone can join with their free OGPlanet account available at

After a successful First Beta Test, Heva Clonia Online received an overwhelming, positive response from players. Anticipated players are anxiously waiting for the second round of testing to begin. Aspects such as HCO's guild system, monster battling and dungeon challenges are giving players a unique and fun experience that they have continued to rave about even two weeks after the First Beta Test ended. It is apparent that HCO's fans have grown to become a sizeable gaming community that continues to flourish and grow stronger by the day. For example, HCO beta tester, Daevin, had the following to say about HCO's guild system after his experience playing the game: "The Guild system seems like a great way to bring your guild mates together, especially aiming for those Contribution Points."

If you missed out on your first chance to play Heva Clonia Online, don't miss out on this fantastic, second opportunity to join the tons of other players who had an amazing experience.

Heva Clonia Online Overview

Jump into an incredible fantasy world and let your journey begin in the epic, 3D adventure game, Heva Clonia Online. Published by OGPlanet and developed by Play Buster, HCO provides non-stop action through various Quests & Episodes, including Co-Op Dungeons, Guild Battles and more. Players can collect cute and unique pets by cloning the in-game monsters they come across throughout their adventure. Pets become vital allies when battling the powerful monsters met along the path or when testing skills against other players in the Main Arena. Players can choose their class, evolve powers, master skills and visit various towns and worlds all while making new friends along the way in this exciting and fun-filled MMORPG.

HCO Key Features:

  • Clone Monsters as Pets - Collect your favorite monster's DNA by defeating them in battle and then clone them to be your companion to help you on your adventure!
  • PVP Monster Battles - Test your monster's skills and battle expertise in the Main Arena against your friends or other players.
  • Guild PVP Battles - Only the strongest guild will rank the top of the leader board in this challenge. Battle for guild supremacy in epic Guild VS Guild battles!
  • Couple-Dungeons - Choose your strongest ally to battle monsters and collect tons of loot. Its 2 VS hordes of monsters in these epic dungeon challenges.
  • Mini-Games - Take a break from epic adventuring and questing to play some fun, casual mini-games to help take your mind off saving the world and earn some extra EXP.

Sign up now for HCO's Open Beta Test at its official website and join HCO's amazing community on Facebook at to stay current on all upcoming HCO events, updates and contests.

About OGPlanet

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