We've got the biggest one!

From their press release, it appears that Icarus Studios will be sharing it's large Virtual Worlds 2007 booth with several other companies to demo their products.

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA – OCTOBER 5, 2007 – Icarus Studios, a
comprehensive resource center for builders of 3D virtual worlds,
MMOGs, and simulation projects, and a Gold Sponsor of Virtual Worlds
2007, welcomes Motion Analysis Corporation, IBM, and in-world VoIP
leader Vivox into its Booth #300, the largest exhibit at Virtual
Worlds 2007 at the San Jose Convention Center, October 10-11, 2007.

Icarus will be showcasing Icarus' 3D virtual worlds creation tools and
network operations suite as well as an in-booth studio with live
models' movements captured by Motional Analysis Corporation.

"We will be doing live real-time motion capture into Icarus virtual
worlds," said Icarus EVP David Gardner. "There will be more cutting
edge virtual world technology in one exhibit than ever before."

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016