Dorosi is Angry

Wouldn't you be angry if you were woken up out of a nice sound sleep? I thought so, me too.

Great news for all Infinity fans. The wrath rumbles!

The powerful Dorosi is awake. This mechanical colossus will be available to play to ravage the maps with his powerful strikes. Dorosi is not very agile but has an unmatched power among the Infinity characters. Naturally quiet, he quickly becomes ruthless if you wake up his anger!

Aside the long awaited coming of Dorosi as a playable character, new items will be added to the game:

• Awakening of Anger: this powerful potion awakes the stun/mezzed character and damages your enemies with area of effect strike.
• Essence of Gold: to increase the Luna coins looted by 50%

This new contents will be added to the game on May 21th
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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016