Are you plotting a fleet fight in Eve Online? You can now inform CCP beforehand with the new fleet fight notification form. Simply fill out the form 24 hours in advance of your planned fleet encounter with at least 300 pilots and this will help CCP be prepared when the time comes for your engagement to take place. The system does have some limits. CCP will not tolerate abuse of the system by players and you must be a CEO or Director to submit the form. Read more below.

Greetings all!

For some time now, we have been monitoring requests sent via stuck petition to GM's for notifications of incoming fleet battles. Where possible we have been placing these systems on high powered blades to ensure you get the best server performance possible in your fleet fight.

To reduce load on the GM's, and to get these requests where they need to go as quickly as possible we now have a system for you to notify our virtual world operations team of these fights directly.

If you are expecting to have a large fleet engagement, please tell us using the following form:


- Abuse of this system will NOT be tolerated.

- All notifications are linked to your user account and we will not put up with any shenanigans.

- Only corporation directors are able to send notifications.

- Please notify us only if you expect the operation to exceed 300 pilots in the engagement (ie. 150 vs 150).

- Notifications must be at least 24h in advance, as we re-map these systems during downtime.

- These notifications go to Virtual World Operations (the Tranquility admin team), Internal Affairs and Lead Game Masters.

Fly safe,


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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