Our new "Instance Encyclopedia" has recently been updated with two new items for the Stratholme Instance. For those of you who don't know, Stratholme is a high level Instance located in the Eastern Plaguelands. This city is infested with plague ridden citizens, abominations, Scarlet Crusade zealots, and more!

The first new item is a gallery that as of now contains images of the main "city" portion of the Instance, as well as screenshots from within the Scarlet Crusade fortress. The Gallery can be viewed here.

The second item is a movie clip! This movie is of a raid group battling against the final boss of the Scarlet Crusade. For those of you who have yet to fight this boss, there is quite a big surprise that occurs during the battle, so if you don't like spoilers you might want to avoid this... or watch it because it is so cool! The movie can be downloaded here.

Both of these items are located in our "Instance Encyclopedia" section which can be reached by clicking the link on the left hand side, or by clicking here

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016