They probably should take another crack at the UI before adding stuff like voice chat...

The official EverQuest blog revealed that integrated voice chat will soon be coming to the aging but still active online game.

As many of you have seen by now, SOE as a company has decided to integrate Vivox voice chat into many of its games, EverQuest included. We are in the planning stages of the whats and hows of the integration right now. I think this will be a great new feature for the game and the fact that it will be free of charge is even better.

I know that voice chat is a feature that can sometimes be divisive amongst groups of players—you’re a player who doesn’t like chat on a raid where most everyone else is on voice chat, or you’re in a group where there is no text chat going on because everyone is using voice. We will certainly do our best to make the use or non-use of this feature as flexible as possible, and obvious as to who is using it and who isn’t.

Read more about it at the official EQ blog.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016