Gamer God interviews SOE's Chris Kramer

Chris Kramer:
The key factor for our company is continued growth. Over the years, Sony Online Entertainment has gone from 100+ people in San Diego creating history with the original EverQuest to nearly 700 people in San Diego, Austin, TX, Seattle, WA and Taiwan working on online PC games such as EQ, EverQuest II, Star Wars Galaxies, The Matrix Online and PlanetSide, as well as PS2 (Champions: Return to Arms, EverQuest Online Adventures) and PSP titles (Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code and Field Commander). For our company to continue to grow and be successful, we are breaking out of our North American-centric development focus and embracing genres and design ideas that appeal to players on a global perspective.

If you've never had the chance to meet Chris he's a seriously cool guy. Go read the interview.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016