Do you remember that fateful day when you finally got your license? Were you nervous?

Erik Mogensen, the licensing manager for Games Workshop wasn't nervous when he chatted with us about Warhammer Online.

"The playable careers that we’ve chosen (or in the case of Chaos to an extent, invented) all address the needs of an MMO but also give a good, broad representation of the inhabitants of the Warhammer World. With Chaos, the experience has been similar, but the challenge comes from the fact that with Chaos, almost anything goes! Every decision that’s been made has had to consider how we represent the madness and unpredictability of Chaos while maintaining a cohesive look and feel for the realm as a whole. Wait until you see the architecture!"

Read the interview with Erik. Then put a cork in your excitement and get ready for the 2008 release of Warhammer Online.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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