I guess Iron Realms was too foreboding for a bright and cheerful animal MMOG?

It looks like Iron Realms has chosen to spin off a new division to publish it's upcoming MMO Earth Eternal rather than publishing it under their name.

Iron Realms Entertainment has spun off the division working on its 3d MMO Earth Eternal into a separate company and brand – Sparkplay Media.

Matt Mihaly, CEO of both Sparkplay and Iron Realms, said, “We’re creating a separate company because the aims of Sparkplay are a bit different from Iron Realms. With IRE we’ve tried to create the most expansive, deep text-based MMORPG experiences around, and IRE will continue to do that with new text MMOs and with the near-daily game updates that our fans have become accustomed to.”

“Sparkplay, on the other hand, is creating games (3d and otherwise) for an audience that is looking for experiences that don’t necessarily require the same level of commitment to get into.”

Sparkplay plans a 2008 release of its first game – Earth Eternal – and a 2009 release of two following games.

Read about Earth Eternal and Sparkplay Media at www.sparkplaymedia.com.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016