This week for our topic of the week we are busting out a brand new format. One where we get to say a bit more about the different issues involved in the topic and more importantly, have more space for our (or in this case my) opinion.

This week the topic is: "Is more always a good thing?". The question is asked in regards to the VAST amount of gold that is suddenly available to you in the game in the Outlands.

Having more gold in the game brings some pretty big bonuses along with it to many players. The most obvious is that many players will not always feel so poor all the time (this is a 2 edged sword though to be discussed later) as they will always be able to get more money quickly. It should be very easy for any player to get 50+ gold in an average night of playing at level 65 or higher.

You can read all about it here: Topic of the Week "Is more always a good thing?"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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