Many in the Overwatch community feel that abuses of the current Overwatch reporting system, including kicking players that aren't "meta", have made the game unbearable for new and experimental players. It's a problem for just about every competitive game, but Overwatch's success seems to have drawn more than its share of toxic players. Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently responded candidly to calls for a team-based kick system:

It's good to hear discussion around this topic and we're just as concerned about it as you guys are.

Our first step is reviewing our current reporting system. This is well underway and we have some changes to the design that we think will help. Once we can update the reporting design, we are also going to internally review all of our policies, including punishments.

I wish this was moving faster but at least it is making active progress.

Source: Overwatch official forums

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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016

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