Game Director Joel Bylos has posted a new update on the future of The Secret World (TSW) and some of the changes that the team has planned for the MMOG. Bylos served up a few details about the next content update, Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple, which will include TSW’s first raid in New York. But the update is also packed with a number of other features and content such as the second auxiliary weapon, the Chainsaw, the opening of a roleplaying scene with the Albion Theatre in London, where players will be able to put on plays for each other and earn rewards, and the introduction of new reticule combat.

“I am also happy to reveal that Issue #4 will be introducing one of the most requested features during Beta: reticule combat. This is something I wanted to bring into the game from the moment I put on the Game Director shoes as I feel it makes combat a lot more direct and exciting. We are not forcing it upon anyone, though. You will be able to freely switch between traditional targeting and the reticule depending on what you feel is best for you.”

Bylos will be hosting a livestream of the new feature on Friday, October 12th. More details about the stream will be revealed closer to the event. Bylos also touched on planned improvements to animation, evolving the storyline like a television show, improving the rivalry experience between the three factions and more.

Source: Joel Bylos on Plans for TSW

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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