The Smed clears the air with his usual flair.

With all the recent news and excitement over SOE's announcement that Live Gamer will be handling their RMT in the future, John Smedley stepped in to clarify a few thing at the SOE blog.

We just announced that EverQuest II’s existing Station Exchange service will be transitioned over to Live Gamer. If you haven’t seen that announcement, you can find it here.

I wanted to give you all more background on why we have made this decision. When we decided to begin our groundbreaking Station Exchange service, it was because we felt it was important to take a step in the direction of turning what had always been an illicit side of the MMO gaming market into something that would give people desiring to participate in that kind of activity a safe and secure way to do so. It was also our belief that by providing a legitimate alternative, we could cut down on the farming activity our players loathe and the large impact illicit virtual item trading has had on our customer service group.

Read it at the official SOE blog.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016