When the gaming madness of E3 2013 is over this Friday, you may want to shift your attention to The Secret World (TSW), where Funcom will be hosting a new Black Weekend event that will provide players with a chance to earn double XP. During the event, players can claim a free potion once a day that will provide 8 hours of double XP. In addition to the extra XP, you can also earn bonus Black Bullion from defeating Nightmare dungeon bosses or by using the Condenser of Quintessence. Players can also claim a free pair of Black Heavy Buckled Boots from the in-game store during the event.

Lastly, Funcom is also offering bonus membership time if you’re willing to seduce your friends into subscribing.

For every new player you recruit from today and until the end of the Black Weekend Event you get a free month of Membership in addition to the Veteran Points you get normally (if you are a Grandmaster customer you receive $15 worth of Bonus Points instead). (To receive the month of Membership or Bonus Points you must invite between now and the end of the Black Weekend and the recruit must purchase The Secret World within 30 days.) Your recruitment page is available on your account page here.

TSW's Black Weekend event starts Friday, June 14th and will continue through Monday, June 17th.

Source: TSW Black Weekend Event

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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