Play the game, or become part of it?

Joystiq thinks that thinks that the "RPG" is missing from MMORPGs these days. Well, duh.

Are you getting enough role-playing elements out of your MMO? Cari Davidson over at thinks we could use a lot more, and feels that a true MMORPG with an engaging storyline has yet to be created. She refers to the current crop of online time sinks as "glorified chat rooms" that are big on player interaction, but void of entertaining narrative or character development.

Everybody has their scene. Some think MMOs should be replayed and enjoyed something like a fine wine, in the company of a few select friends. Others think MMOs should be quaffed like a beer in a stadium feel of 60,000 screaming World Cup fans. I guess I fit with the latter, I like a lively server.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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