Decisions, decisions, is it combat or commercial for you?

Jumpgate Evolution has added new information and artwork depicting the spaceships players will pilot in their upcoming MMO. With options abounding for both combat and commercial ships, players will have a bevy of ships to pick. In addition to the later level ships, the website provides a glimpse into the early vessels we will be piloting:

“The first ship any rookie pilot gains experience with is a trainer of some sort. These spacecraft are usually classed as "shuttle trainers", but within the Octavian Empire it is conventional to refer to their training ships as "patrol trainers". Universally, trainers are inexpensive light-duty utility ships meant for use by inexperienced pilots. They tend to possess outstanding handling characteristics and can mount light weaponry, but are only capable of mounting minimal extra equipment."

Stop by the Spacecraft section of the Jumpgate Evolution website for visual and narrative examples of the combat and commercial ships.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016